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Theme: Informal Economy
Occupational Group(s): Street Vendors
Region(s): South África ; Sub-Saharan Africa
South África Cape street vendors facing arrest Independent Online . (20 July 2015)
By Petersen, Carlo.

A group of mobile street vendors selling handmade furniture in Cape Town city centre could soon find themselves behind bars for contravening the city's by-laws.

We conducted interviews with over 500 migrants entrepreneurs both in Johannesburg and Cape Town with the view to test the stereotypes of migrant economic activity and to gain some hard evidence -Caroline Skinner, Senior Researcher at the ACC.

Xenophobic violence reared its head in Durban this week, with foreign nationals given an ultimatum to leave the country left fearing for their lives and seeking refuge with police. According to IOL, about 120 people were attacked in Isipingo on Monday night. Foreign-owned shops in Isipingo have since been boarded up and street hawkers have fled.

South África Op-Ed: The double dehumanisation of an unequal society Daily Maverick . (27 March 2015)
By and S. Charlton, C. McMichael, M. Rubin.

In 2013, the City once again embarked on cleaning up and "dealing" with inner city issues through Operation Clean Sweep. This time, 6,000 traders of all legal conditions were forcibly removed from their stands, their goods confiscated and themselves subjected to personal abuse.

South África Informal trading in Joburg Politicsweb . (23 March 2015)
By Meyer, Amy.

Instead of punishing and forcibly removing individuals who are struggling to escape the worst ravages of poverty, South Africa should be taking steps to create an open space for the development of a thriving Informal Economy.

South África How a street trader’s court victory over metro cops changes the game Rand Daily Mail . (26 February 2015)
By Rickard, Carmel.

It could be one of the smallest damages awards made by a high court in recent times, but the R775 plus interest ordered by Judge Dhaya Pillay represents an enormous victory for street traders everywhere in South Africa.

South África Court victory for informal trader ioL news . (18 February 2015)
By Broughton, Tania.

Durban street trader John Makwicana, who lost R775 when his goods were confiscated 18 months ago, has secured a massive victory for informal traders in the city, with a Durban High Court judge ruling that by-laws which give officials unfettered power to impound and confiscate their property are unconstitutional.

South África Municipality impounding informal traders' goods 'unlawful' Mail and Guardian . (17 February 2015)
By Benjamin, Chantelle.

An important ruling for informal street traders was made on Tuesday in the Durban high court, where the court held that the eThekwini municipality’s power to impound and confiscate the goods belonging to these traders under the 2014 Informal Trading Bylaw is unconstitutional, invalid and unlawful.

South África JMPD clampdown not fair - vendors ioL news . (13 February 2015)
By Mbangeni, Lerato.

Despite the Joburg metro police department's new campaign to get rid of window washers and other roadside entrepreneurs, the roads late on Wednesday were still full of people trying to make a living at intersections.

South África Township wars -the myth and mayhem BD Live . (1 February 2015)
By and Thekiso Anthony Lefifi, Lucky Biyase.

That study seems to answer the question raised by Lindiwe Zulu, the Minister of Small Business Development, who fuelled tensions this week by saying that foreign business owners must reveal their "trade secrets" to local business owners.