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Theme: Informal Economy
Occupational Group(s): Garment Workers
Peru Hugo Boss urged address worker's rights violation claims Sourcing Journal . (23 June 2015)
By Lamicella, Lainie.

Workers organization, IndustriALL Global Union is calling on German luxury fashion brand, Hugo Boss to address workers' rights violation claims at its Peruvian textile supplier.

India Iran Vietnam Stronger United: Workers' Unions Across the Global South Huffington Post (Blog) . (23 June 2015)
By d' Allant, Josephine.

For the working poor, unions can provide a structure for voicing grievances and a collective power for bringing about change, often in the face of resistance from employers with significantly greater individual wealth and influence. This article explores somes of the struggles waged by unions to demand the rights of their members in Mumbai, Bangalore, Tehran and Ho Chi Minh City.

South África SA urged to stitch up footprint in US clothing BDlive . (22 June 2015)
By Pitso, Reitumetse.

This should offer some encouragement to local clothing and textile manufacturers, whose profit margins continue to be eroded by the steady influx of cheaper imports from mainly the Far East.

Nigeria Revive the Nigerian textile sector African Review . (19 June 2015)

Abdullahi said that the country's textile sector should be given a fillip, following the drop in oil revenue, in a bid to gainfully engage Nigerian youth to develop their skills.

China Fast Retailing warns Chinese supplier Ecotextile . (17 June 2015)
By Mathews, Brett.

Japanese apparel group Fast Retailing, one of the world's largest clothing businesses, has said it will consider reassessing its relationship with Chinese supplier Shenzhen Artigas Clothing & Leatherware Co if an ongoing strike involving 900 workers is not resolved quickly.

Cambodia Garment Workers Again Target $177 Minimum Wage Khmer Times . (16 June 2015)
By Sonyka, Va.

Cambodia's garment workers will renew their campaign for a monthly wage of $177 next month, when talks start for a new minimum wage, labor leaders said yesterday.

India Weavers are artists, not mere handloom workers The Statesman . (12 June 2015)

Ace designer Varun Bahl, who is part of an initiative to revive the heritage of the Indian textile industry and employment for the Banaras weavers, believes the weavers' craft goes beyond just handloom workers.

Indonesia Textile makers face weak sales, higher costs The Jakarta Post . (11 June 2015)
By D. Amianti, Grace.

Textile producers are urging the government to take swift action to help the industry survive amid weak sales and rising production costs, otherwise they may have to close their businesses or see more layoffs.

United States Textile recycling company to bring 500 jobs, $200 million investment to PA The New Port Arthur News . (10 June 2015)
By Koonce, Sherry.

A manufacturing company that recycles textile waste to produce new products is coming to Port Arthur and with it, 500 new full-time jobs.

Mongolia North Korea ILO calls on Mongolia to protect North Korean workers The Korea Times . (10 June 2015)
By Hyo-jin, Kim.

The International Labor Organization (ILO) has urged the Mongolian government to improve substandard working conditions for North Korean laborers at local workplaces, according to the Voice of America, Wednesday.