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Theme: Informal Economy
Occupational Group(s): Garment Workers
Swaziland Is Canada Swaziland AGOA alternative? Swazi Observer . (12 October 2014)
By Dlamini, Welcome.

With Swaziland having lost its AGOA eligibility status and no concrete hope of readmission during the December review, it looks more likely that Canada could be the kingdom's next export partner for textile products.

He criticised the SNGPL management for suspending gas supply to the Punjab-based textile mills during Eid, saying that millions of textile workers in Punjab have been deprived of overtime for the last four days including Eid holidays.

Swaziland No End in Sight Times of Swaziland . (10 October 2014)
By Dlamini, Martin.

It is criminal to say the least and the workers, employers and government owe the public one very big apology for all the drama they have caused this country.

Cambodia Cambodian textile workers want higher wages BBC News . (9 October 2014)

Workers in Cambodia's garment factories say they're angry the prime minister has refused to support a steep rise in the minimum wage.

By Solheim, Erik.

The rise of emerging economies such as Brazil and China has not only lifted millions of people out of poverty, but offers new opportunities and resources for development elsewhere.

Bangladesh Fair wages urged in textile industry DW . (8 October 2014)
By Erath, Marc.

Western clothing companies have come under criticism for their role in foreign factory conditions.

By Becker, Andreas.

He is one of 450,000 farmers from six African countries whose cotton runs under the label "Cotton made in Africa", which wants to create better conditions for African farmers on the global market.

Pakistan Govt has strong realisation of textile sector hardships The Nation . (1 October 2014)

Governor Punjab Ch Muhammad Sarwar on Tuesday said that the government has strong realization of textile industry hardships and it has never desired mistreatment to the textile industry.

By Sharma, Meenakshi.

India's cotton and apparel exports are set to climb by around 10 percent this year as higher wages, political instability and concerns about workplace conditions in other producing markets steer international buyers toward Indian exporters, industry officials said.

Swaziland Sick Tex Ray employee chooses work over life Swazi Observer . (27 September 2014)
By Nkambule, Sandile.

In a quest to save her job, the employee who has still not recovered, had no choice but to get into the factory and resume work.