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Theme: Informal Economy
Occupational Group(s): Garment Workers
Bangladesh Ministers differ on the figures of RMG workers BD New 24 . (15 September 2014)

The commerce minister and the state minister for labour have presented two different figures for the readymade garment workers in Bangladesh.

Myanmar Garment industry hopes for ordering rush from the West Myanmar Times . (15 September 2014)
By Win, Su Phyo.

The garment industry is looking to Western orders to help it diversify, as exports look set for a record year, according to the president of the Myanmar Garment Manufacturers Association U Myint Soe.

Pakistan A continuing tragedy The News . (15 September 2014)

Two years after a devastating fire ravaged the Ali Enterprises garment factory in Karachi's Baldia Town, killing 259 workers, all but a small handful of their families have not received even a small portion of the compensation amounts publically promised to them in 2012, after the tragedy occurred on September 11.

Philippines CIAC signs new deal with garments firm PhilSTAR . (13 September 2014)
By Cervantes, Ding.

CIAC president and CEO Victor Jose Luciano and L&T International Group president Francisco Sauceda signed the two contracts one pertaining to the latter's expansion program that would cover 6,033 5,941 square meters and employment of 150 more workers by next year.

United States Made in the U.S.A.? Not Anytime Soon Huffington Post . (12 September 2014)
By Hertzman, Edward.

At every conference or trade show I attend, there is one question that's always asked: is apparel manufacturing returning to America? While there may not be one simple answer, from everything I've observed, I lean toward a pretty emphatic 'no.' Economically, reshoring can't work at any significant scale.

By Gould, Hannah.

The demonstration, organised by anti-poverty charity War on Want calls on the British Fashion Council to end silence on garment workers behind clothes.

A group of garment workers attached to Katunayake Free Trade Zone who received treatment for food poisoning last Friday have been hospitalized again.

United States Tech apparel garment workers to speak in Norris Hall Collegiate Times . (8 September 2014)
By Hughes, Emily.

Workers from the Alta Gracia garment factory in the Dominican Republic will be speaking on Sept. 9 in 209 Norris Hall at 3:30 p.m. A fair trade organization, Alta Gracia supports humane global working conditions.

By Butler, Sarah.

Big business and financial investors, not consumers, will force better conditions in the world's textile factories, according to the head of an investment firm aiming to pump $500m (£306m) into creating a more ethical garment industry.

Proposal Aims to Bring Workers' Voices to Negotiating Table The Cambodian Daily . (6 September 2014)
By Crothers, Lauren.

A proposed project hopes to channel the widespread use of mobile phones among factory workers to bring the voice of the 600,000 Cambodians employed in the crucial garment sector into future wage negotiations.