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Theme: Informal Economy
Occupational Group(s): Garment Workers
Bangladesh Worker database seems far off The Daily Star . (17 August 2014)
By Mirdha, Refayet Ullah.

The absence of a central database of workers and factories has left many outstanding issues unresolved in the garment sector.

Myanmar Myanmar: From Investment Abroad to Improvement at Home The Diplomat . (17 August 2014)
By Wong, Gordon.

Foreign investment was five times higher in fiscal 2012-13 than in 2011-12, official figures show. Half of the investment went to garment manufacturing, where employment and learning processes are significant, although manufacturing accounts for only 9 percent of total FDI as of April 2014.

By Braw, Elisabeth.

In June, a group of Swedish companies presented the world's first garment made entirely from recycled cotton: a yellow dress that looks no different from the fashion range at H&M or Zara.

Cambodia Cambodian garment workers dying at work Ecotextile . (15 August 2014)

Working conditions for garment workers in the Cambodian textile industry are under the spotlight again, as IndustriALL Global Union blames a combination of low wages and poor working conditions for a spike in garment workers collapsing, and even dying at work.

Cambodia Mass faintings occur at 6 garment factories in Cambodia Shanghai Daily . (15 August 2014)

At least 127 Cambodian garment workers at six different factories got fainted on Friday due to poor health, a local police chief confirmed.

By Perera, Wimal.

More than 200 garment workers were injured last week when police broke up an 11 day hunger strike by garment workers from five Tuba Group factories near Dhaka. The workers were demanding payment of wage arrears owed for three months, overtime payments and an Eid festival bonus.

Vietnam Austrian flees Ho Chi Minh City owing $42,500 to Vietnamese workers Thanh Nien News . (13 August 2014)

A group of angry workers gathered around the Ho Chi Minh City factory of an Austrian garment manufacturer on Tuesday seeking to recover around US$42,500 in unpaid salaries and social insurance after hearing that their foreign boss had fled the country.

Cambodia Man Killed, 12 Injured in Latest Garment Worker Truck Crash The Cambodia Daily . (11 August 2014)
By and Gorger Wright, Ben Sokhean.

A garment worker was killed and a dozen more were injured when the truck they were traveling in overturned in Phnom Penh's Pur Senchey district on Saturday afternoon in the latest case of a serious traffic accident involving factory workers, who are crammed into truck beds by the dozens and transported to and from factories around the country.

By Hammadi, Saad.

Police arrest union leaders and use batons and pepper spray on garment workers, whose wages had not been paid for month.

China China Remains Competitive In Exporting Apparel To US China Topix . (10 August 2014)
By Dweisman.

Switzerland-based International Institute for Labour Studies in conjunction with the International Labour organization, published a report earlier this year finding Chinese garment workers in Shanghai earned minimum monthly salaries of USD$262 while those in Guangdong earned USD$138.