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Theme: Informal Economy
Occupational Group(s): Garment Workers
Women Organising Around the World - Gallery The Guardian . (22 April 2016)

Women in informal work around the world are setting up unions and networks to create more security. NGO Wiego worked with Getty Images and the Hewlett Foundation to capture them.

Cambodia Garment worker pageant troubles critics Phnom Penh Post . (21 March 2016)
By and Sen David, Erin Handley.

William Conklin, country director at the Solidarity Center, said the contest was all surface, no substance. "The Ministry of Labour is trying to help promote the image of garment workers, but I think that there are other concerns they should concentrate on, such as road transport safety and ... fainting in factories," he said.

Cambodia In Cambodia, workers' rights for women slow to come Al Jazeera . (12 March 2016)
By A. Thompson, Nathan.

Female garment workers in Cambodia continue to face low wages, long hours and sexual harassment.

By Vimal Kumar, R..

Despite clarifications from the government regarding the purpose of imposing tax on withdrawals from Employee Provident Fund in the Union budget, the garment workers and other salaried class people in Tirupur knitwear cluster sounded critical of the new tax regime.

India Pune chikki and iron tablets for garment workers The Hindu . (29 February 2016)
By Yasmeen, Afshan.

Karnataka Labour Department to launch intensive anaemia screening and treatment programme for nearly 3 lakh women garment workers. Come March 4, nearly three lakh women garment workers in the city will be given a chikki (sweet made of groundnut and jaggery) and a de-worming tablet after a fingerprick test for anaemia at their workplace.

Bangladesh If we love fashion, we have to talk about the garment workers War on Want . (26 February 2016)
By Narayanasamy, Thulsi.

It's almost three years now since the deadly Rana Plaza collapse that killed over 1,100 garment workers. The building housed factories making clothes for Benetton, Primark, Matalan, Mango and other major brands supplying clothes for the UK high street. Only recently did the Rana Plaza Donors Trust Fund meet its target of $30 million, meaning long awaited compensation for victims and their families. Yet, the fight for justice goes on.

Nigeria Nigerian Workers push for higher minimum wage TVC News . (21 February 2016)

Organised labour said it would soon submit a proposal demanding a new minimum wage of N48,000 based on the impact of the global economic downturn on wages. The General Secretary, National Union of Garment and Textile Workers (NUGTW), Comrade Issa Aremu, warned President Muhammadu Buhari not to bow to pressures to further devalue the national currency because the last devaluation eroded the value of the minimum wage.

By Stefanut, Laura.

Workers, who are overwhelmingly women, are often hired on the legal minimum wage of less than 200 euros ($220) a month net and may earn even less, say workers and campaigners such as the Fair Wear Foundation and Clean Clothes Campaign. From late January to mid-July last year, Cristina says she was paid twice, receiving a total of around 1500 lei (340 euros) from the factory that has received European Union funding to "enhance economical competitiveness".

Bangladesh New Report Documents Which Brands Exploit Garment Workers Care 2 . (5 February 2016)
By Smith, S.E..

A January report from the India Committee of the Netherlands took another look at the region, finding that garment workers still face serious issues in terms of living and working conditions, despite stated commitments on the part of big brands to address these problems.

Cambodia Government Blames Garment Workers for Road Deaths The Cambodia Daily . (5 February 2016)
By and Anthony Jensen, Ben Sokhean.

Garment workers were involved in more than 4,300 separate traffic accidents as they traveled to and from their factories last year, leading to 60 fatalities, according to a report released by the government on Thursday.