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Theme: Informal Economy
Occupational Group(s): Waste Pickers
Region(s): Brazil ; Latin America & Caribbean
Brazil Film highlights Brazilian "pickers" The Justice . (1 April 2014)
By Reid, Zachary.

A team of undergraduate department representatives screened the film Waste Land, a film about the largest landfill in the world, Jardim Gramacho and the people who worked there on Thursday evening.

Brazil Turning Garbage into Gold Americas Quarterly . (24 March 2014)
By André, Richard.

Starting in 1993, the government of Belo Horizonte, Brazil, began integrating waste pickers into the citywide waste management system, providing recycling points, sorting centers and trucks to transport materials.

Brazil Anything but trash Gulf Times . (17 March 2014)

From the comfort of his luxurious studio in Brooklyn, he sets off to Jardim Gramacho, the world's largest garbage dump located in his native city of Rio de Janeiro, to photograph 'catadores', the garbage-pickers or the recyclable-material pickers - as they are preferred to be called.

Brazil Brazil in World Cup waste recycling push AFP . (12 March 2014)

World Cup organizers said Wednesday that an estimated 320 tons of solid waste which the June 12 to July 13 event is expected to generate will be sent for recycling. Teams of recyclable material pickers, 840 in all, will be deployed across the 12 venues and what they pick up will be sent to recycling cooperatives.

Brazil Abandoned Carnival costumes get second lives The Star Phoenix . (5 March 2014)
By Barchfield, Jenny.

The catadores, who include even small children, work swiftly to keep ahead of the crews of garbage men in orange jumpsuits who pitch the piles of costumes and props into trash-compacting trucks.

Brazil Upcycle Scaled Up: Can City Turns Waste into Art Crafting a Green World . (20 November 2013)

The Can City folks are using the cans that the catadores collect in what they call a "mobile foundry" made from a reclaimed beer keg and other salvaged materials.

Brazil Mobile Foundry Turns Aluminum Cans into Furniture Ecopreneurist . (4 November 2013)
By Markham, Derek.

In some places, such as São Paulo, Brazil, a good portion of the recycling is done by independent waste collectors, or catadores ("pickers"), and a novel project aims to create a method for extending the livelihood of these waste pickers to go beyond just simply collecting trash and recyclables.

Brazil Way of the Cross staged at Copacabana for Pope Associated Press . (27 July 2013)

At the start, Francis greeted some special guests who had a place of honor on the stage: 35 "cartoneros" -- trash recyclers from Argentina whom he invited to participate in the Rio festival, continuing a relationship he started as archbishop of Buenos Aires.

Brazil Brazil's catadores making art from rubbish UV10 . (28 June 2013)

In Brazil's third-largest city of Belo Horizonte, there is a new trend emerging among the its rubbish and recycling collectors, known locally as the 'catadores', which is seeing the city's waste being turned into furniture, jewellery and even works of art.

By and Sofia Fernandes, Eoghan Macguire.

ASMARE is a collective of some 200 catadores who collect and separate recyclable materials. Many transform the items they find into jewelry or works of art before selling them. Here a necklace and earring combo have been fashioned from disused lighting and wire.