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Qatar Qatar approves draft law for domestic workers Arab News . (9 February 2017)

Qatar has approved a draft law which would provide legal protection for tens of thousands of female domestic workers for the first time, according to state media. The law is expected to specify how many hours staff such as nannies, drivers and gardeners should work per week, how many days holiday they receive annually and how they are paid, reported the Qatar News Agency (QNA).


The Bishop Tji Haksoon Justice & Peace Foundation in South Korea formally announced on January 3 that the International Domestic Workers Federation (IDWF) will be the 20th Justice and Peace Award winner in 2017.


Read official letter from the Chairman of the Tji Hak-Soon Justice & Peace Foundation to the IDWF.

United States of America Pay equality & rights of domestic workers & immigrants strengthened under new laws. Asian Journal . (31 December 2016)
By Sayas, Jr., C. Joe.

After the Domestic Worker Bill of Rights law took effect in 2014, which entitled personal attendants, such as nannies and caregivers, to overtime pay for work beyond 9 hours per day or 45 hours per week,  California lawmakers had three years (or until 2017) to either revoke the overtime pay for personal attendants or make it permanent. On September 12, 2016, lawmakers decided to make the overtime law for personal attendants permanent.

United States of America New UAE insurance policy to protect employers of domestic workers. The National UAE . (28 December 2016)
By Ruiz, Ramona.

The policy will help employers to fulfil their responsibilities to domestic workers who hold valid residence visas and work permits, said Dr Rashed Sultan Al Khedr, spokesman for Citizenship, Residence and Port Affairs at the Ministry of Interior, which supports the initiative.

Pakistan Call to recognise domestic workers as labourers. The International News . (24 December 2016)

Women, girls and boys among 8.5 million people are engaged with domestic work in Pakistan but they are not recognised as labourers; therefore, they are vulnerable to exploitation in the market.

United States of America UAE: Extend Labor Law to Domestic Workers. HRW . (22 December 2016)

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) announcement that it will transfer oversight for the recruitment of domestic workers from the interior ministry to the labor ministry is a positive step, Human Rights Watch said today. The UAE should now include domestic workers.

Domestic help better off as 'not in family'. Bangkok Post . (22 December 2016)

Treating domestic workers as if they are "part of the family" may lead to attitudes that are likely to be detrimental to them, a United Nations (UN) Women study has found.

Asserting that the government's push towards cashless transactions will be of help to domestic workers, the National Domestic Workers' Movement, however, said that the decision to demonetise Rs.500 and Rs.1000 had resulted in non-payment of their salaries.

Singapore Domestic helpers to undergo new programmes on Singapore's security Channel News Asia . (21 December 2016)
By Wai Kit, Leong.

In addition to training in areas like work safety, all maids who plan to work in Singapore will soon have to take part in new programmes that stress the importance of the country's security.

The 11-point demand includes the issuing of new work permits for migrant workers, reduction in costs for the work permits and the number of required documents, the right to association, and full human rights for domestic workers.