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Theme: Informal Economy
Occupational Group(s): Waste Pickers
China China: the secret lives of urban waste pickers The Guardian . (10 January 2017)
By Tang, Damin.

Chinadialogue interviews two sociologists who have documented the hidden lives of waste pickers in recycling communities on the outskirts of Beijing. These sociologists wrote "Living with Waste: Economies, Communities and Spaces of Waste Collectors in China," a book which is available in Chinese.

Canada The secret lives of Toronto's Chinese bottle ladies. The Globe and Mail . (23 December 2016)

Whether it is to make some pocket change, or just to stay active, older Chinese women have been scouring the city's streets for years in search of recyclables.

India Video film bats for waste pickers. The Hindu . (20 December 2016)

The plight of waste pickers in urban bodies has been aptly depicted in a video documentary "Pioneers of Recycling,'' produced by Dalit Bahujan Resources Centre (DCRC), Guntur. The DCTC has been actively involved in the All India Waste Pickers Network and working with many NGOs across the country. 

By Sarkar, Asmita.

Environmental compensation to the tune of Rs 10,000 will be imposed for not complying with Solid Waste Management Rules, 2016.

Russian Federation Growing up in Russia's biggest rubbish dump. Aljazeera . (19 December 2016)
By Polak, Hanna.

The svalka was closed in 2007. A smaller dump was opened on the same landfill site where people continued to live.

By Dribben, Betsy.

They are mostly migrant women and men living and working informally, collecting and sorting solid waste, including recyclables like glass, cardboard and plastic for resale or removal. They earn a modest living from waste supporting their families. 

India App to drive garbage separation in Bangalore Economic Times . (15 December 2016)

This pilot project is being implemented by a group that calls itself Waste Samaritans. They were the winning team at the `Reimagine Waste', a hackathon organised in April by Waste Impact and the Indian Institute of Science, among others.Unlike a regular hackathon, the teams -comprising techies, students and waste pickers -were encouraged to take up an ensuing 45 day challenge to further their ideas so as to bring them closer to implementation.

India United States of America 12 member team from Chicago University visited BMC. Pragativadi News Service . (14 December 2016)

The delegation along with members of the Tata Trust discussed on various ways to develop a sustainable waste management model which can be implemented in the city and to create a value chain for the rag pickers of the city and ultimately bringing them to the fold of waste management.

Nigeria Lagos launches solid waste management reform. The Guardian Nigeria . (12 December 2016)
By Uwaegbulam, Chinedum.

"Also, we will have about 25,000 community sanitation workers who will be engaged mostly as street sweepers. They will be well kitted with decent uniforms, gloves, boots, pickers, brushes, carts as well as mobile phones with which to communicate with the control centre. And they will be well paid.

By Wright Ukwu, Jerry.

A report by New Telegraph indicates that more Nigerians, especially Lagos residents are now scavenging dumpsites for scraps, used cans and plastic containers to make ends meet.