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Theme: Informal Economy
Occupational Group(s): Street Vendors
By Nyakanyanga, Sally.

Around 70 percent of street sellers in Zimbabwe are women, struggling to support their families in the face of continuous police raids against unlicensed trade. But advocates say local authorities should be working to support women vendors, not running them off.

By Mwareya, Ray.

“Vendors are not criminals. We are self-job workers, navigating Africa´s worst economy,” says Lorraine Sibanda, president of the Zimbabwe Chamber for Informal Economy Association, the largest street vendor trade union in Zimbabwe. “Why hasn’t Zimbabwe health minister directed city councils to eradicate fecal mess flowing in Harare townships?” she asks.

United States of America To Protect Undocumented Immigrants, Los Angeles Will No Longer Arrest Street Vendors Remezcla . (1 February 2017)
By Simón, Yara.

In a move to protect undocumented immigrants in Los Angeles, USA, the LA City Council voted on Tuesday January 31st to decriminalize street vending. Activists in LA fought over many years for authorities to stop penalizing street vendors in the city, most of whom are Latinos and many of whom are undocumented. Penalization of vendors can range from tickets or fines to misdemeanor or criminal charges, increasing the risk of deportation for undocumented vendors.


The city council decided to finally take action on the issue in response to the federal government's stance on immigration, including the desire to crack down on sanctuary cities and increase deportations. Of the action, Councilman Jose Huizar stated, "You do not have to work in the shadows.”


United States of America Spurred by Trump's immigration crackdown, L.A. City Council moves to decriminalize street vending Los Angeles Times . (31 January 2017)
By Reyes, Emily.

Fearing a coming crackdown on immigrants, Los Angeles City Council members Joe Buscaino and Curren Price vowed to stop punishing vending as a crime and begin setting up a regulated system. The council pushed forward with their plan Tuesday, January 31, voting to draft a law that would decriminalize sidewalk vending.

As it stands, selling food or goods on the sidewalk can lead to misdemeanor charges in Los Angeles. City attorneys will now draw up new rules that would strip those criminal penalties and authorize the city to eventually issue vending permits, a first step toward legalization.

By Mahove, Christopher.

Street vendors in the Zimbabwean capital of Harare are defying a government ban on their activities following a recent outbreak of typhoid in the country.

India FSSAI for hygienic street food in capital. DNA India . (7 January 2017)
By Saxena, Astha.

Don’t be surprised if you find a golgappe wala wearing an apron, gloves, cap and T-shirt while serving the delicious snack to you. On par with international standards, street food vendors in Delhi will now be following proper health and hygiene standards before serving you any food item.

Zimbabwe Vendors laugh off ban, blame typhoid on govt New Zimbabwe . (6 January 2017)

Thousands of vendors operating in central Harare have defied a goverment "ban" on the selling of vegetables and fruits in an effort to stop the spread of thyphoid, saying the state must first give them jobs.

India Mumbai hawker law's residency requirement targets migrants, vendors say. Thomson Reuters Foundation . (6 January 2017)
By Chandran, Rina.

India's western Maharashtra state has passed a law requiring street hawkers to have lived in the state for 15 years before they can apply for a license, in a move vendors say unfairly targets poor migrants.

India Vendors & seniors await their share of BBMP welfare pie. Economic Times . (29 December 2016)

In its 2016-17 budget, the BBMP gave hopes to three disadvantaged groups in Bengaluru -transgenders, hawkers and street vendors, and senior citizens -by allocating funds for their welfare. While it cheered the communities and organisations fighting for their rights then, it now turns out that the civic body is yet to spend these funds.

Egypt Street vendor gives Egyptians sweet taste in bitter times. Gulf News . (28 December 2016)
By Al Sherbini, Ramadan.

The Egyptian parliament has recently disclosed a plan to merge the street vendors and their informal business of around 80 billion pounds into the official economy that has been in the doldrums in recent years.