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Theme: Informal Economy
Occupational Group(s): Waste Pickers
India Waste Segregation Project in Two Towns Soon Tribune News Service . (6 December 2014)
By Chauhan, Pratibha .

The Urban Development Department will launch a project for advanced segregation of waste in Dharamsala and Sundernagar by involving residents and rag pickers and ensuring livelihood avenues for them.

Canada The binner takes it all University of British Columbia . (14 November 2014)
By Allen, Corey.

As the co-leader of the Binners' Project, a working group for waste pickers in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, Lyotier is on a mission to improve working conditions for binning, an often-invisible job performed by many of the city's homeless.

Argentina Cartoneros ponen a prueba un nuevo carro La Nueva . (8 November 2014)
By Subizar, Pamela.

Los cartoneros pondrán a prueba en estos días otro modelo de carro para hacer la recolección en el centro, el cual fue diseñado por ellos mismos con la ayuda técnica de la Escuela Municipal de Capacitación Laboral San Roque.

India SWACH gets parliamentary committee's thumbs-up The Indian Express . (7 November 2014)
By Khape, Ajay.

The parliamentary standing committee for urban development has given a thumbs-up to the SWACH workers' cooperative for its door-to-door waste collection initiative, which it carries out within the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) jurisdiction.

By Mehta, Anvi.

After having got the opportunity to meet Pope Francis, the head of the Vatican, Rebecca Kedari Thomas, 56, of the Kagach Kach Patra Kashtkari Panchayat (KKPKP) is glad to have come a long way from her humble beginnings. She represented the KKPKP, in the World Meeting of Popular Movements conference held in the Vatican City, Rome, from October 27 to 29, 2014.

South África Spain Zero Waste Projects for Greener Economy Maritzburg Fever . (4 November 2014)

Four South African waste pickers recently travelled to Barcelona in Spain to learn more about zero waste initiatives.

India For ragpickers, Pope is their hope DNA India . (3 November 2014)
By Paranjpe, Shailendra.

Addressing the audience at the World Meeting of Popular Movements held in Vatican City, Rome last week, Pope Francis drew attention to the current situation of global exclusion. The pontiff also highlighted the growing degradation of workers and their working conditions including housing and food.

Colombia World Cities' Day . (31 October 2014)
By Hughes, Kendra.

October 31, 2014 marked the first World Cities Day celebration. World Cities Day was established by a resolution at the United Nations General Assembly in December of 2013. According to UN-HABITAT:


"World Cities Day is expected to greatly promote the international community’s interest in global urbanization, push forward cooperation among countries in meeting opportunities and challenges in urbanization and contribute to sustainable urban development in cities and towns around the world."


The theme for the first every World Cities Day was "Leading Urban Transformation". To mark this day, Guardian Cities in partnership with UN-HABITAT held the World Cities Day Challenge. The Cities Day Challenge asked for representatives or organizations to submit a written description of their city's best idea in hopes that great ideas could be shared among cities around the world. The only caveat for the idea was that it had to be already or about to be implemented. From these submissions, 36 finalists were selected to present their city's idea in three-minute presentations which were followed by a question and answer session with a panel of judges and the public via a live blog and Twitter. Based on the questions and public response, a challenge winner was selected.


Federico Parra, WIEGO's Regional Coordinator for Waste Pickers in Latin America submitted an idea to the Cities Day Challenge for Bogota, Colombia related to efforts made to recognize and remunerate informal waste pickers. The submission, titled, "Let’s recognize, promote and compensate the work of waste pickers" was selected as one of the 36 finalists. On October 31st (the first ever World Cities Day), Federico presented Bogota's great idea - the recognition, promotion and remuneration of waste pickers via a video presentation and highlighted reasons why other cities should adopt Bogota's idea:


"Because recognizing waste pickers as an integral part of the solution to urban waste management, promoting their organizations, and remunerating their work, are crucial ways to make a more humane, more sustainable and more inclusive city."


Thanks to support for the project via social media and votes from the panel of judges, Federico's submission for Bogota was awarded third place in the Cities Day Challenge. First place was awarded to Porto Alegre's Gabriel Medeiros Gomes for Which Bus Stops Here – a project to create blank bus stickers on which city residents can write down bus route info while second place was awarded to Izmir's Can Sucuoglu for the floating docks project.


Federico's video presentation for the Cities Day Challenge which discussed Bogota's waste pickers can be found here.


Federico's submission and the judges' questions for the Cities Day Challenge can be read here.


Full coverage of the Cities Day Challenge via the Guardian Cities live blog can be found here.

South África South African Waste Pickers on a Zero Waste Tour Zero Waste Europe . (31 October 2014)

Since the creation of their national organization SAWPA - the South African Waste Pickers Association with the support of groundWork in 2009, their empowerment as the de facto recycling system in South Africa has reached important political milestones and it keeps expanding.

India In Delhi, waste pickers in KKU union can now vote Global Alliance of Waste Pickers . (30 October 2014)
By Kumar, Prakash.

I am glad to inform you that finally, the Election Commission has started issuing voter cards (EPICs) to waste pickers (KKU members) of Delhi.