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Theme: Informal Economy
Occupational Group(s): Waste Pickers
India Economics of Solid Waste in India Economic and Political Weekly . (21 June 2015)
By Balasubramanian, M..

This article provides an overview of the economics of solid waste, and related issues. Public attention to solid waste and recycling has increased in India. In response, economists have developed models to help policymakers choose an efficient mix of policy levellers to regulate solid waste management and recycling activities.

Paraguay From trash to Tchaikovsky in a Paraguay slum Irish Times . (20 June 2015)
By Ramdane, Ines.

The Recycled Instruments Orchestra brings music and hope to slum children. In a Paraguayan slum people of all ages have learned, out of necessity, to create musical instruments made entirely out of rubbish.

Latin America's bothersome garbage El Pais . (18 June 2015)
By Rebossio, Alejandro.

In some of the poorer neighborhoods on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, garbage trucks are supposed to pass by three times a week. But given that the streets are often impassable, as well as the fact that trash-collection companies do not comply with city contracts, this is often not the case.

India From ragpicker to speaker in Geneva conference Mid-day . (17 June 2015)
By Deshmukh, Chaitraly.

Suman More’s life has been a rags-to-recognition journey. As an illiterate, impoverished ragpicker from Pune, the 50-year-old could never have imagined that she would one day be the centre of attention at a conference held all the way in Geneva by the International Labour Organisation. She has been attending the International Labour Conference for the past two years as a representative of Women in Informal Employment: Globalizing and Organizing (WIEGO).

By Mugdha, Kapoor.

For 37 years, Pune's Suman More, 50, worked as a ragpicker, but life turned a full circle when she spoke from the podium at the International Labour Organisation Conference held in Geneva as an elite gathering of experts and leaders were all ears to her story. Her journey from a waste-picker to an inspiration for many hasn't been easy.

By Jamwal, Nidhi.

The recent strike by the sanitation workers reminded us that Delhi's waste management system is outdated. The capital desperately needs a decentralised, bottom-up perspective.

India Picking Waste India Currents . (11 June 2015)
By Felicelli, Anita.

Bengaluru is known as the Silicon Valley of India, but the increase in information technology (IT) jobs has come with an increase in waste and garbage. All over India, waste picking has been the unacknowledged labor of Dalits and lower caste people.

India Platform Targets Social Change EE Times . (6 June 2015)
By Managoli, Girish.

We pointed the platform concept at social change and came up with I Got Garbage, an initiative started in the city Bangalore, India, and now being rolled out in the cities of Pune and Bhubaneswar.

By Sharma, Milan.

The group of waste-pickers met Delhi CM to put forth their claims for their job in the face of the government's policy to introduce new technology for waste disposal.

Philippines Zero waste groups back environmentally-sound management of WEEE Eco-business . (4 June 2015)

Zero waste groups led by the EcoWaste Coalition signified their support for a strong regulation that will promote the environmentally-sound management (ESM) of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), reputedly "the fastest growing waste stream globally."