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Theme: Informal Economy
Occupational Group(s): Waste Pickers
In the Developing World, Waste Can Be a Vital Resource The Huffington Post . (17 September 2015)
By Dias, Sonia Marie.

Rapid urbanization has burdened cities with an issue that no one can ignore -- unprecedented amounts of trash. World cities generate a whopping 1.3 billion tons of waste per year -- an issue that will only get worse unless strategic steps are taken.

This September, world leaders will gather in New York to formally adopt the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), an important 15-year agenda to prioritize and address problems affecting rich and poor countries more holistically than its predecessor, the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Given the extent of global waste and the projected increase in the world population, waste management is present in several of the new SDGs -- in both focused and tangential ways that show how humankind's massive waste is linked to poverty, gender inequality and job creation. The SDGs make it clear that the value of waste picking is not to be squandered.

India Papering Over A Bleak Past Ahmedabad Mirror . (4 August 2015)

They once went through garbage dumps to collect enough waste to earn a hand to mouth existence. Female ragpickers today are leading a dignified life, courtesy of Shri Gitanjali Mahila SEWA Industrial Stationary Producers' Cooperative Ltd. The organization taught them new skills and the women are now supplying stationary to some of the largest stationary retailers, including Staples. 

South África Women salvage local economies and social wellbeing through recycling South Africa - The Good News . (3 August 2015)

This Women's Month Collect-a-Can pays homage to the women of our nation who are investing in social good in their communities and making a sustainable contribution to our local economy and environment through waste management and recycling.

Lebanon Scavengers: the pilars of Lebanon's recycling cycle The Daily Star . (3 August 2015)

Every day, hundreds if not thousands of people dig through the country's unsorted trash and pick out the plastics, glass, aluminum, paper and so forth.

United States 'I Want To Make A Lot Of Money Doing Good' Acton Institute . (31 July 2015)
By Hilton, Elise.

Tom Szaky of TerraCycle is quite clear: "I want to make a lot money doing good." And he just may do it. TerraCycle has been based in the U.S. for 13 years.

India Skill India for Swachh Bharat India Today . (30 July 2015)
By Chaturvedi, Bharati.

What better opportunity for Skill India than to train people to clean the country, while delivering livelihood skills that are genuinely in demand?

India Scavengers Are India's Real Recyclers The New York Times . (29 July 2015)
By Karnad, Raghu.

They are usually referred to as scavengers or rag pickers: words that describe their desperation, but never their value.

India Here's what the BBMP's new garbage tenders are lacking Citizen Matters . (29 July 2015)
By Chamaraj, Kathyayini.

BBMP does not seem to be learning any lessons from past failures in waste management. Civic, an NGO based in Bengaluru, lists the problems in the new BBMP garbage tenders floated a month ago.

By Mukherjee, Baishali.

The social endeavour named 'Resolve Trash to Cash' defines an end-to-end awareness on solid waste segregation at source and its recycling for creating a value added return for a sustainable environment and development.

Vietnam Man sells family home to open free classes VietNamNet Bridge . (19 July 2015)
By and Trung Hieu, Dung Nguyen.

Doan Minh Hung lives in a rented house, as he sold his land to open "love class", offering free education to over 130 underprivileged children in HCM City.