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What We Do

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WIEGO seeks to increase the voice, visibility and validity of the working poor, especially women.

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WIEGO General Assembly 2014 Activities and Participants

February 2015

Featuring Highlights of WIEGO General Assembly, November 2014


Women in Informal Employment: Globalizing & Organizing (WIEGO)

Home-Based Worker, Thailand


WIEGO is a global network focused on securing livelihoods for the working poor, especially women, in the informal economy. We believe all workers should have equal economic opportunities and rights.

WIEGO Turns 15: Born in Bellagio, 1997

Ten founders of WIEGO in BellagioIn mid-April 1997, 10 specialists on the informal economy – a mix of practitioners, scholars, statisticians, and policymakers – met to plan a collaborative project in support of women workers and entrepreneurs in the informal economy.

Informal Economy Budget Analysis

Informal Economy Budget AnalysisInformal Economy Budget Analysis (IEBA) examines how government budgets address the needs and interests of different groups of informal workers. It also explores what opportunities exist for informal workers (or their representatives) to participate at different stages of the budget process.

WIEGO Manifesto: Support Informal Workers, Reduce Poverty

Employment – or more precisely “decent work” – is crucial to reducing poverty.

WIEGO Team Bios

Olga Abizaid, WIEGO Communications OfficerOlga Abizaid
Communications Officer


Programme Team

See biographies of WIEGO Team members.

Marty Chen
International Coordinator

Chris Bonner
Director, Organization & Representation

Joann Vanek
Director, Statistics

Elaine Jones

Who We Are

Durban General Assembly

The WIEGO Network consists of individuals and institutions from three broad constituencies: