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October 2014

Covering the period May - August 2014

International Domestic Workers Federation is Born!


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WIEGO Team Bios

Olga Abizaid, WIEGO Communications OfficerOlga Abizaid
Communications Officer

Labour at Informal Economy (LIE)

Labour at Informal Economy, street vendors, waste pickers, home-based workers, agricultural workersLabour at Informal Economy (LIE) is a  membership-based organization which represents 2,865 workers who work as street vendors, waste pickers, home-based workers and agricultural workers in Bangladesh.

WIEGO Working Paper Series

The WIEGO Working Paper Series is part of our  Publication Series. Our working papers feature research that makes either an empirical or theoretical contribution to existing knowledge about the informal economy. Particular attention is paid to policy-relevant research. This series includes statistical profiles of informal employment and critical analysis of data collection and classification methods. Methodological issues and innovations, as well as suggestions for future research, are considered.

Waste Pickers at the United Nations Climate Change Conferences

Waste pickers contribute to the conservation of natural resources and energy while reducing air and water pollution. They also reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the reuse of materials. Around the globe, waste pickers are organizing and fighting for recognition of their significant environmental contributions.

Women in Informal Employment: Globalizing & Organizing (WIEGO)

WIEGO is a global network focused on securing livelihoods for the working poor, especially women, in the informal economy. We believe all workers should have equal economic opportunities and rights.

Cornell University-SEWA-WIEGO Conference on Membership-Based Organizations of the Poor

This conference, held in Ahmedabad, India in January 2005, was predicated on the hypothesis that membership-based organizations of the poor (MBOPs) – organizations whose governance structures respond to the needs and aspirations of the poor because they are accountable to their members – are central to achieving equitable growth and poverty reduction.

WIEGO Special Initiatives: Past Initiatives

Collaborative Advocacy

Realizing Rights-SEWA-WIEGO Advocacy on “Decent Work for Informal Workers”

WIEGO had a collaborative relationship with the Realizing Rights-Ethical Globalization Initiative, started and headed by Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland.

Who We Are

The WIEGO Network consists of individuals and institutions from three broad constituencies:Durban General Assembly