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Association of Home-Based Workers, Bulgaria (AHBW)

Association of Home-Based Workers, Bulgaria (AHBW)

The Association of Home-Based Workers was registered in Bulgaria in 2002. In its work in support of Home-Based Workers, AHBW participates in a variety of organizing, advocacy and educational activities. One of AHBW’s main activities is organizing awareness events for home-based workers and others. They also do research and work on improving qualifications of unemployed people and home-based workers.

Job Posting: WIEGO Organization and Representation Programme Director

Job Posting:
WIEGO Organization and Representation
Programme Director

Terms of Reference

1. Background

WIEGO Annual Reports

WIEGO Annual Report 2014-2015

WIEGO Individual Members

Individual Members of WIEGO are drawn from two of WIEGO’s three constituencies: researchers, statisticians or academics who study the informal economy; and professionals in development agencies who work on issues related to the informal economy. The third constituency is membership-based organizations of informal workers – trade unions
cooperatives, or associations of various kinds – or trade unions that organize informal workers: such organizations are invited to become Institutional Members of WIEGO.

Informal Economy Monitoring Study (IEMS)

IEMSThe 10-city Informal Economy Monitoring Study (IEMS) evaluates the realities that informal workers face. Qualitative and quantitative research methods together have provided an in-depth understanding of how home-based workers, street vendors, and waste pickers are affected by economic trends, urban policies and practices, value chain dynamics, and other economic and social forces.

Focal Cities

Focus Group in Ghana

In recent years, WIEGO has taken a focused approach to its work in two cities: Accra, Ghana and Lima, Peru. Working closely with local partners, WIEGO implemented a range of programmes and projects in each location. The approach has led to improvements in informal workers’ lives.

WIEGO Team Bios

Olga Abizaid, WIEGO Communications OfficerOlga Abizaid
Spanish Writer/Editor

WIEGO Board of Directors

Current Board of Directors



Programme Team

See biographies of WIEGO Team members.

Marty Chen
International Coordinator

Joann Vanek
Director, Statistics

The Child Care Initiative

Home-based worker with child
photo: Paula Bronstein, Getty Images/Reportage