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Occupational Group(s): Domestic Workers

Ratification by Countries of Domestic Workers' Convention (C189)

These countries have ratified the Domestic Workers Convention 2011 (C189) and Recommendation (No. 201):

IDWF: A Domestic Workers’ Federation is Born!

Domestic workers vote yes for new federation

The International Domestic Workers’ Network has transformed itself into the first global union organization run by women: the International Domestic Workers' Federation (IDWF).

Domestic Workers – Progress and Ongoing Struggle

Domestic Workers

WIEGO's Chris Bonner, Barbro Budin and Karin Pape capture the process of forming the International Domestic Workers' Federation (IDWF) in 2013 and the domestic workers' jubilation in this Global Labour Column article: "Yes we did it!" 

International Domestic Workers’ Network

In October 2013, the IDWN transformed itself into the first global union organization in the world run by women: the International Domestic Workers' Federation (IDWF). Read more.
International Domestic Workers

The details below offer an account of how the global network of domestic workers was formed, its purpose and its triumphs.

Declaration of the African Regional Domestic Workers Conference

Africa Domestic Workers Network is formed
Cape Town, South Africa

On June 16 2013, this second anniversary of the adoption of the C189 and World Domestic Workers’ Day, domestic workers in Africa launched the Africa Domestic Workers Network (AfDWN) in Cape Town, South Africa.

Challenges of Measuring Domestic Workers

The first measurement challenge is a basic one: what types of activities should be included as domestic work in the statistical definition used in collecting and tabulating data and how can this definition be implemented given the three major classifications for employment characteristics? There is no common statistical definition across countries for what constitutes domestic work.

Research Network for Domestic Worker Rights

The Research Network for Domestic Worker Rights consists of researchers who have been working collaboratively with domestic workers to capture information and document the lives and working conditions of the tens of millions of people who work in the homes of others. Officially launched in June 2011, the Research Network exists to support the efforts of domestic workers by:

Decent Work for Domestic Workers: International Labour Conference, June 2010

 The historic first discussion on Decent Work for Domestic Workers was on the agenda of the 99th Session of the International Labour Conference (ILC), held in Geneva in June 2010. A second discussion will be held in June 2011, where it is anticipated that an ILO Convention supplemented by a Recommendation will be adopted.

9 June, 2010: ILO Sets Standards For Domestic Workers' Rights