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WIEGO: 15 Years of Achievements

In April 1997, a group of 10 activists, scholars, researchers, and development professionals who had long worked on the informal economy met in Bellagio, Italy, where they created a project they called “Women in Informal Employment: Globalizing and Organizing” – WIEGO, for short.

Waste Pickers at the United Nations Climate Change Conferences

Waste pickers contribute to the conservation of natural resources and energy while reducing air and water pollution. They also help to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the reuse of materials. Around the globe, waste pickers are organizing and fighting for recognition of this significant environmental contribution.

NASVI Campaigns for Police Accountability in Light of Mumbai Evictions

January 2013

The National Association of Street Vendors of India (NASVI) has launched a nationwide “anti-police terror campaign” after a street vendor in Mumbai died during a police raid on 11 January. According to news reports, more than 4,500 hawkers were evicted over a three-day stretch in Mumbai.

Ligue pour le Droit de la Femme Congolaise (LDFC)

The League for the Rights of Congolese Women (Ligue pour le Droit de la Femme Congolaise, LDFC) was founded in 1999. LDFC’s mission is to foster the promotion, protection and defense of the rights of women and girls, and their goals include the following:

Malawi Union for the Informal Sector (MUFIS)

The Malawi Union for the Informal Sector (MUFIS) first began in 2000, and was officially registered in 2004. As of 2012, MUFIS has approximately 14550 members, who work in the following informal sectors: home-based workers, street vendors, waste pickers, construction workers, domestic workers and small-scale tea farmers.

WIEGO Board of Directors


Current Board of Directors


Renana  Jhabvala, WIEGO Board MemberRenana Jhabvala

WIEGO Special Initiatives: Past Initiatives

Collaborative Advocacy

Realizing Rights-SEWA-WIEGO Advocacy on “Decent Work for Informal Workers”

For several years, WIEGO had a collaborative relationship with the Realizing Rights-Ethical Globalization Initiative which was started and headed by Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland.

Worker Education, Capacity Building & Resources

Recent initiatives have aimed to build the capacity of informal worker organizers and leaders to build their democratic organizations and to run them effectively. For example, the Inclusive Cities Project partners are working on sustainability plans. As well, WIEGO has assisted by offering fund-raising training and working with the HomeNets in Asia to build democratic organizations and make the transition from NGO to MBO.