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Waste Pickers at the United Nations Climate Change Conferences

Waste pickers contribute to the conservation of natural resources and energy while reducing air and water pollution. They also reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the reuse of materials. Around the globe, waste pickers are organizing and fighting for recognition of their significant environmental contributions.

Cornell University-SEWA-WIEGO Conference on Membership-Based Organizations of the Poor

This conference, held in Ahmedabad, India in January 2005, was predicated on the hypothesis that membership-based organizations of the poor (MBOPs) – organizations whose governance structures respond to the needs and aspirations of the poor because they are accountable to their members – are central to achieving equitable growth and poverty reduction.

Agenda-Setting Research Conference

speaker at Agenda-Setting Research conferenceOver the past decade, there has been a resurgence of interest in the informal economy as it continues to grow and to appear in new guises around the world. More institutions and individuals have begun to do research on the informal economy. Many of them begin by asking questions regarding the definition, composition, and causal explanation of the informal economy.

Global Projects

WIEGO's two global projects combine the specific expertise of our core programmes with the broad reach and knowledge of our partners. Both Inclusive Cities and Women’s Economic Empowerment involve close collaboration with our members and partners around the globe. Under the leadership of Global Projects Advisor Rhonda Douglas, WIEGO plays a lead coordination and technical support role.

WIEGO Briefs

WIEGO Briefs are part of our  Publication Series.

Core Programmes

WIEGO's Five Programmes  For each of its five programme areas, WIEGO commissions issues papers to identify programme, research and policy priorities. It then convenes workshops of grassroots, research and policy actors. Collaborating institutions and individuals undertake component activities.

How We Are Structured


The Membership of WIEGO (see Who We Are) is central in our governance and accountability structure. Members are entitled to review and comment on WIEGO’s progress reports and financial reports, to attend General Assemblies held every four years, and to elect representatives to a Nominating Committee that prepares the slate of candidates for the Board of Directors, which is selected  at each General Assembly.

WIEGO enews - August 2012

Covering the period January - June 2012

Boletín Informativo de WIEGO - Agosto 2012
Cubriendo de enero a junio de 2012

WIEGO e-News January-June 2012

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Markets of Warwick Win Mayoral Award for Excellence

On December 7th 2012, the Markets of Warwick Committee and the informal trading community of WarwickMarkets of Warwick Junction in general—including Asiye eTafuleni—realized victorious closure to the year when the Markets of Warwick project received a Mayor’s Award for Excellence in the tourism category. This is just two and a half years and 3,200 visitors since the project started.AET 2012

HomeNet South Asia

HomeNet South Asia, home-based workers, South AsiaHomeNet South Asia was founded in 2000 following a successful regional dialogue with employers and governments leading to the Kathmandu Declaration. HomeNet South Asia is the sub-regional network of organizations of home-based workers.