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Theme: WIEGO
WIEGO. Durban Street Vendors, South Africa
Ellerman, Mei-Ling and Katherine McFate. April, 2007 Session 3 - Discussants: Comments and Suggestions.
March, 2014 WIEGO / KEFAT. Empowering Masaai Women
WIEGO. Exposure Dialogue Programmes
January, 2011 Fair Trade for Women Producers (WIEGO blog):
Fields, Gary. March, 2011 Informality and Development.
Fields, Gary. March, 2011 Informality: A Labor Economics Perspective.
November, 2014 Focusing Resources and Activities for Larger Impact: WIEGO's Focal Cities Work in Lima.
Frivold, Joachim. March, 2015 “Women are always the strongest”.
Gallin, Dan. October, 2013 The Future of the Domestic Workers' Movement.