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Theme: Informal Economy & WIEGO
Occupational Group(s): Waste Pickers
September, 2011 Chintan: No Child in Trash, Volume 1.
January, 2012 Chintan: No Child in Trash, Volume 2.
August, 2012 Chintan: No Child in Trash, Volume 3.
June, 2013 Chintan: The Story of Your Waste June 2013.
March, 2013 WIEGO. Chronicles of a Fight for Inclusion (Number 1) - Waste Pickers in the Garbage Crisis, December 2011
Ciudad Saludable:
December, 2009 Climate Change
Collaborative Working Group on Solid Waste Management in Low-and Middle-Income Countries (CWG):
Constitutional Court Secretary General, WIEGO translation, . August, 2011 Colombia Constitutional Court ruling: suspension of public bidding.
Cordosa Silva, Vera Alice. December, 2012 Negotiating the Recycling Bonus Law: Waste Pickers and Collective Bargaining in Minas Gerais, Brazil.