Workers' Lives

The Workers' Lives Series is part of our new Publication Series

Workers' Lives use descriptive profiles of individual workers to explore informal employment. The series illuminates, in different contexts, the living and working environments of informal workers and how they experience first-hand the impact of policies and organizing initiatives.

 God is My Alarm Clock

de Brito, Deia
God Is My Alarm Clock: A Brazilian Waste Picker's Story
WIEGO Workers' Lives No. 1

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Deus é meu Despertador
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Headstrong: Profile of a Headloader in India

Vryenhoek, Leslie
Headstrong: Profile of a Headloader in Ahmedabad
WIEGO Workers' Lives No. 2

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Profile of a Domestic Worker in Mozambique

Castel-Branco, Ruth
Organizing the Patience Industry: Profile of a Domestic Worker in Maputo, Mozambique
WIEGO Workers' Lives No. 3

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Organizando a Indústria da Paciência: Perfil de uma Trabalhadora Doméstica em Maputo, Moçambique

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 Profile of a Home-Based Garment Worker Vryenhoek, Leslie

Small World, Big Goals: A Home-Based Garment Worker in Delhi
WIEGO Workers' Lives No. 4

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